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At Romanow Law Group all initial consultations are conducted by an attorney, not a paralegal.

If you believe you have a case call us today for a free evaluation. Everyone deserves to have his or her claim evaluated by an experienced trial attorney.

In a justice system that works everyone has a voice and a right to seek redress if harmed. When you set an appointment for an initial consultation at Romanow Law Group you will meet with an attorney, not a paralegal or other member of the support staff.


During you initial consultation we will dedicate as much time as is necessary to evaluating your claim. Assessing a serious injury claim is not like operating a drive though window at a fast food restaurant. It takes time to do it right. We don’t want potential clients feeling rushed. You are encouraged to bring anything that you believe is relevant to your claim with you to the initial consultation. We will carefully examine everything that you bring to us. Our objective is to provide you with a well-reasoned evaluation of you claim based on the information available to us at the time of your consultation.

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