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Five don'ts for your injury case.

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These five tips can save you thousands of dollars in your case.

Proceed with caution.

Protect your ability to recover as much as possible.

Five Absolute Don’ts For Any Injury Case






No matter what, don’t settle your case before you have finished medical treatment or know all of your medical diagnosis and options. Don’t grow impatient.  Injuries from traumatic events are often not diagnosed until all minimally invasive treatments have been exhausted.  If you are a surgical candidate, but settled your case after only 3 visits to a chiropractor, it is impossible to go back and ask for more money.


Don’t tough through it. If there is a part of your body that hurts and you attribute that pain to the accident make sure to tell your treating physician.  Pain complaints that you tell to your doctor(s) are documented in the medical records.  Pain complaints that are absent from the medical records are difficult to prove.


Don’t miss medical appointments or fail to get treatment.  There is no good excuse for not getting the necessary medical treatment.  If you don’t have medical insurance there are options still available to get the treatment you need.  Many medical providers will treat you on a lien basis.  In some instances, medical treatment may be available through various state run facilities or charities.


Don’t retain a law firm that will not or cannot take your case to trial. The insurance companies know what law firms go to trial and what law firms don’t go to trial.   Some law firms that don’t go to trial will drop you as a client if you refuse to take what the insurance company initially offers.


Don’t settle your case for less than it is worth.  Attorneys can’t settle cases without the client’s consent.  If you believe that your case is worth more than what the insurance company is offering, don’t take the offer.  Never let your counsel intimidate you into accepting a bad offer.

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