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The talent to get more.

Insurance companies only settle claims to avoid going to trial. The amount they settle for is relative to the potential loss at trial.

Adjusters actually have a scale to rate how dangerous a law firm is to them,  it is used to determine how fast a claim is settled and for how much.

Putting people’s lives back together is what we do.

David Romanow started Romanow Law Group for the purpose of helping those in need.

We want to provide the community with a law firm that people can feel comfortable turning to during their darkest hours. A law firm that clients never second-guess their decisions to select.

If your life has been turned upside down as the result of an injury we will help you. Or if you have wrongfully been denied benefits that you deserve we will deal with the government and regulatory issues.

We take every claim seriously and litigate it like we are going to trial because that is how you get the best possible result.

Fair settlements and successful jury verdicts are the result of hard work and dedication by everyone working on your case.  A strong case needs to be built in order to get you everything that you are entitled to.  At RLG we relentlessly pursue everything that our clients deserve.

America’s civil justice system is designed to give people a fair chance to receive justice when they are injured by the misconduct or negligence of another – even when a powerful corporation caused the harm.

That is the point of the civil justice system – to right wrongs.    Our goal is to use the civil justice system to make our clients as whole as possible in the wake of an accident, anything less is injustice. At RLG we want our clients to experience first hand that the American justice system, even with all of its flaws, is still greatest judicial system in the world.

Maximum compensation allowed by law.

We are not a law firm that advises our clients to settle for less than their claims are worth to expedite payment of the legal fees. This revolving door approach makes those attorneys who practice this way rich, but rarely gets the clients adequate compensation. RLG wants to get you a fair resolution of your case as quickly as possible. The mantra of many insurance companies has long been either a quick settlement or a fair settlement, but not both. It’s easy to get a quick settlement in a personal injury case.

However, a fast settlement is usually a bad settlement.

Insurance companies typically send out a low-ball offer within a matter of weeks after a claim is opened hoping to catch the accident victims in a vulnerable mindset, in need of money, or not wanting to deal with the prospect of an ongoing claim. If these penny on the dollar claims are rejected the insurance companies will delay, delay and delay – until they are given a reason to pay. This law firm will work hard to properly motivate the insurance companies to fairly value your claim and pay you what is fair.

Pittsburgh Personal Injury Law Firm

Romanow Law Group offers a full service injury and disability claims practice. We are the Pennsylvania personal injury, auto accident and Social Security Disability firm to choose when failure is not an option.

"It was a pleasure working with David and his staff. From the first time we met, he indicated he had my best interest in mind. I never felt like a number and I could always depend on him returning my calls or addressing any of my concerns. I'm very satisfied with his results. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his service. Thank you David Romanow!"


- Anthony P.

Car accident claim.

"David and the whole staff were amazing. Very helpful, attentive, and made you feel like your case mattered. This was my first time using a personal injury lawyer and there wouldn't be anybody else I would choose if I ever had to do it again. Truly good people."


- Byron C.

Car accident claim.

We build trial teams.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury the selection of an attorney might be most important decision of your life. The legal system is adversarial. Both sides want to win. When the case concludes there will be a winner and loser. The attorney that you select will make hundreds of legal decisions throughout the course of your case that will shape the outcome. It is critical to select a law firm that will be ready to fight hard for your rights and get you the money that you deserve.

A defining characteristic of Romanow Law Group is that we take a team approach to litigation. The final result in any case is the collective product of many.  It is never just the solo effort of a lone attorney.  Just like in a team sport, such as football, not every player is best suited for a position.  For instance, a quarterback may be the best quarterback in the league, but would be terrible at any other position.  At RLG will are mindful that every player on the team counts and we have done our best to put star players in every position.


Contact us today and see what our team can do for you.

"I could not have picked a better firm to handle my case. They made me feel like it truly mattered to them. The attorneys at Romanow Law Group are top notch, and I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs a personal injury attorney. Best lawyers in Pittsburgh! "

- Hannah M.

Car accident claim.

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