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Truly bizarre behavior is all too commonly explained by a distracted driver.

Our lawyers are experienced at building compelling cases against distracted drivers.  While some law firms just rely on the limited traffic accident reports, our lawyers properly investigate accidents scenes, subpoena cellphone records, interview witnesses and collect all relevant evidence.  We want to make sure that distracted drivers are held accountable for their actions and the people injured by their carelessness are made whole.

How is distracted driving defined?

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts a driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving.  Distracted driving jeopardizes the safety of the driver, passenger, bystander and other motorists.  Any activity that requires visual, manual or cognitive attention creates a dangerous distraction.  Some of the more common examples include:

  1. Texting
  2. Eating and Drinking
  3. Cellphone Usage
  4. Using Infotainment Systems
  5. Adjusting Radio
  6. Grooming
  7. Talking To Passengers

Despite the overwhelming statistical data showing the dangers of distracted driving, the general public appears unaware of just how life threatening it is to take one’s attention off the roadway.  At any given moment in America hundreds of thousands of drivers are simultaneously engaging with their electronic devices and driving.

Distracted driving is a safety problem.

When you are behind the wheel of an automobile you owe it to yourself and the other people lawfully using the roadway to fully concentrate on the task of driving. Unfortunately, many drivers either fail to realize the dangers posed by diverting their attention away from the job of driving.


The car crash statistics documenting distracted driving related car accidents is alarming. In 2014, it was reported that approximately 424,000 people in injured in car accidents that were the result of distracted driving. What is worse is that this number of distracted driving related automobile crashes appears to be both on the rise and grossly underreported.

Why hire our accident law firm?

At Romanow Law Group, experienced lawyers are the architects of our clients’ cases and prepare every case, big or small, like it is going to trial.  We are skilled at preparing cases that get our clients the best settlement offers and maximum compensation for their injuries.  You don’t have to pay us anything before your case is settled.  There is no fee for meeting with our injury attorneys for a free evaluation and we advance all case related expenses.  If a distracted driver caused an automobile accident that injured you please call one of our distracted driving attorneys at 1-844-GET-MORE.

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