The contingency fee.

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We don't get paid until you do.

At Romanow Law Group our fee is paid at the conclusion of your case as a percentage of the ultimate recovery.

If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

No exceptions.

This type of fee arrangement is called a “contingency” fee. The legal fee typically charged by most firms in connection with a personal injury case is one third (1/3) of the total recovery, but may vary up or down depending on the specific facts of the case.

Contingency fee agreements are standard business practice for plaintiff attorneys because this type of fee structure helps to level the playing field between injury victims and the insurance companies representing the wrongdoers. Often times the aftermath of an accident leaves the victim struggling to recover both physically and financially. With mounting medical bills and lost wages many injury victims are in no position to pay retainers, hourly legal fees or the other costs associated with pursuing a claim. On the other hand, the insurance companies are flush with capital and have teams of attorneys working to defend their interests. At RLG we don’t want our clients to feel pressured into accepting unsatisfactory settlement offers because they can’t pay their legal fees. The contingency fee arrangement allows accident victims to focus on recovering without having to worry about financing their case.

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